DiVinica #4 MAGU

DiVinica #4 MAGU


Magu, Goddess of Longevity, 18th century hanging scroll (National Museum, Warsaw)

Magu (Chinese: 麻姑; pinyin: Mágū; Wade–Giles: Ma-ku; literally: "Hemp Maiden") is a legendary Taoist xian (仙 "immortal; transcendent") associated with the elixir of life, and a symbolic protector of females in Chinese mythology. 

Beautiful Art and water colors by Dawn McTeigue

  • JP Roth and Dawn McTeigue


    • Writer(s):
      • Author - JP Roth
      • Editor – Andrew Peloquin


    • Artist Name(s):
      • Penciler/Inker – Dawn McTeigue
      • Colorist – Dawn McTeigue
      • Graphic Designer/Letterer – Stefan Merour


    • Cover Artist(s):
      • Cover ArtDawn McTeigue
      • Cover Colorist – Dawn McTeigue
      • Cover Layout/Design – Stefan Merour



    Divinica honors the goddesses of past and present.

    Immortality can be human; even the divine may bleed.

    -- JP Roth