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REM 8 #3 - Unlimited

REM 8 #3 - Unlimited

It's the year 2228 and our earth is a dystopian nightmare. The Senji, a dangerous Asian syndicate, now fully control technology and thus; Born into this realm of strange magic’s, ancient rights and technological powers; Tae Rayne is an anomaly. Neither Human nor Gaian, she alone stands outside the REM. Her last hope of salvation is to retrieve her soul from the lords of the world and the mythological jar holding it captive. A trail of bloody carnage follows, as she cuts her way through the heart of the Senji, to a man more powerful than any Ancient God.
  • Credits

    Author: JP Roth

    Cover Art: Eric 'e.Bas' Basaldua

    Cover Colors: Sabine Rich

    Interior Pencils: Dawn McTiegue

    Interior Colors: Nei Ruffino

    Design, Lettering and Layout: Stefan Merour

    Manager/EIC: Clare Bendandi

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