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The Saga begins

My tale starts with a ‘once upon a time’ — A long time ago, beings lived who could control the elements, immortality, and time. We called them gods and gave them our worship. They played with us like toys, took our lives and sabotaged our love. Now, the gods are myths. Stories in books—not to be confused with our modern world. I believed this until I found myself tumbling into a dream. This dream takes me to another life. To a forgotten time in a bloody age. I dream of Hades' son and a lustful goddess. I dream of limitless power and revolving time. I dream a death and love that was mine...

A heady potion of pure magic awaits readers of this modern-day witch


The Saga continues

When he turns his head to look in my direction, I know his eyes see only snow-soaked air. It is a one-way connection. I do not know which one of us has it worse. Him, destined to yearn for eternity, or me, locked in love to a reality, which could never love me in return.