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It's the year 2228 and our earth is a dystopian nightmare. The Senji, a dangerous Asian syndicate now fully control technology and thus; the world.

We harnessed the energy from our solar system, creating machines to imprint a human soul. At puberty, the soul link is established. If the child survives, they remain human and live a digitally sound life in the city hovering above ground - The REM. If the link is not established; the child begins to transform into a beast mirroring aspects of their astrological sign. Disconnected from the REM and cast out of society, these beasts are known as the Gaians. To stay alive, they are forced to live near the earth's core and funnel what little energy is left.


Born into this world of strange magics, ancient rights, and technological powers; Tae Rayne is an anomaly. Neither Human or Gaian, she alone stands outside the REM, able to manipulate it at her will. Property of the state she is passed from hand to hand.


Claimed by the Senji at the age of 15, she is initiated into House Geisha, to be trained as a weapon of sensuality and death. By 18 she is known worldwide for her ability to walk through a man's fantasy and fulfill his darkest desires.  


By order of the Senji, she killed 8 times with the promise that her friend's life would be spared, only to watch that life be taken before her eyes.  Her last hope of salvation is to retrieve the soul of her fallen sister, from the lords of the world and the mythological jar holding it captive.

A trail of bloody carnage follows as she cuts her way to the heart of the Senji, and a man more powerful than any ancient God.





"I survive to kill--though there is that part of me which kills to survive..."


"I left you on the pavement--I didn't mean for you to fall...

It was blessed silence though, hearing you not at all."


"Drenched with sun, she bleeds a thousand shades of night.



To beautiful to be so broken.

Too jaded to ever see the light."


"Last night I lay in your arms and dreamed that I died...

The terror, 

It was you not alive."


"Inside the

Lost but not forgotten...

Our minds carry the lines of your face.

To forget what I love, I cannot do.

The memory of your beautiful soul, not a thing mortal death could ever erase."


"In the fantasy of my eyes--your death or life lies..."







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