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The laws that guide us can be bent – and some rules exist only for those brave enough to break them…

                                --JP Roth

Tears streamed down my face as I walked to the lonely graveyard where I was to bury Gran on this bleak stormy day, with only the comfort of my three closest friends. My heart was broken and my mind fraught with uncertainty…little did I know, that this day would not only change the course of our lives forever but would unlock an age-old secret and propel us into worlds that none of us could imagine existed, changing our stars, our fates and the course of history forever.


In the middle of a broken landscape, in a lonely naked town –I learned our world isn’t exactly as it seems. The laws that guide us can be bent –and some rules exist only for those brave enough to break them…

“At the end of all things there is life…in the beginning there was death”

--Satin Larson


Under the blushed light of a blood-red moon, the sisters called to the remaining powers of the Elvonds and begged a creature with incomparable strength, to be the guardian of their artifact. He heard their call and acquiesced. Until a time when they would awake in human flesh – don the gowns and save their wounded worlds.

This is the story of a girl, wrapped in the Legend of Elyria.


Sometimes there are dreams that turn into reality…other times it is the reality that feels like a dream. When I was sixteen, my ordinary life morphed into a thing most would deem fiction.


My name is Satin Larson. I grew up in a town where the population of squirrels and badgers outnumber people by ten to one, and the sky is always the color of moonlit wheat because that’s all there is around to reflect. In the small town of Avery, Georgia, you grow up quicker than some and a lot less ordinary than most. You see the world in a different way because out in the fields with nothing but the silence of your own thoughts, it is a very different world.


I was born in the back of a house that cost less than some girl’s dresses, with no one else in attendance but Grams and a questionable pair of salad tongs. My mother died bringing me into the world and today, on my sixteenth birthday, Gran went to join her in the sky.



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