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Art of Theory - Variant Cover Unlimited

Art of Theory - Variant Cover Unlimited

Rothic's First Ever Art Book - featuring the art and poetry of JP Roth's Theory of Magic!
  • JP Roth's Theory of Magic


    • Writer(s):
      • Author  - JP Roth 
      • Editor - Andrew Peloquin
    • Artist Name(s):
      • Penciler/Inker – Sabine Rich
      • Colorist – Sabine Rich
      • Graphic Designer/Letterer – Stefan Merour
    • Cover Artist(s):
      • Cover ArtPaolo Pantanella
      • Cover Colorist – Sabine Rich
      • Cover Layout/Design – Stefan Merour


    Since our Faries fly away so often we have decided to use the art and poetry of Theory of Magic to realease our first ever Rothic Art Book!

     #magic #faries #fairytales#toobeautifulforwords

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