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Special re-print of REM8 #1--$10 only.

Special re-print of REM8 #1--$10 only.


Art and color by the beautiful Dawn McTeigue. 

I kill to survive...though there is that part of me that survives to kill...Tae Rayne

  • JP Roth's - REM 8


    • Writer(s):
      • Creator - JP Roth
      • Authors - JP Roth
      • Editor – Andrew Peloquin


    • Artist Name(s):
      • Penciler/Inker – Sabine Rich
      • Colorist – Sabine Rich
      • Graphic Designer/Letterer – Stefan Merour


    • Cover Artist(s):
      • Cover ArtMike Krome
      • Cover Colorist – Mike Krome




    REM 8 is unlike any tale you’ve been told. You will awake in a futuristic world governed by ancient asian mythology. It will take you deep into the darkest parts of the soul, test the boundaries of your mind and make you question everything you know.

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